Generational Priorities and Divorce: Here’s How A CDRE Can Help You

August 9, 2020

A Generation-by-Generation Look at Divorce Real Estate.

Divorce is hard enough under normal circumstances, but being compelled to stay at home with someone you’ve stopped loving can be extra difficult.

And when “business-as-usual” is out the window—when attorneys literally can’t expedite divorce proceedings—life can turn into a downright nightmare.

Add to that all the frustrating minutiae of selling a home during a divorce, and you’ve got a recipe for an emotional meltdown.

If you’re in this unfortunate situation, you and your attorneys need help, and you need it fast!

Enter the Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert. Armed with an advanced understanding of real estate divorce transactions and an uncanny ability to mediate between contentious spouses, the CDRE can step in to offer support and guidance when you need it most.

Let’s explore the ways a CDRE can enhance your divorce real estate transaction, no matter your priorities:

Baby boomers expect to work with true professionals

If you’re a baby boomer, you were raised with the unwavering love and support of your family, friends, and the world at large. As a result, your generation went on to build or influence many of the educational, environmental, economic, medical, entertainment, and political systems we still use today. With that much experience under your belt, it’s only natural you’d expect to work with someone who embodies the same level of professionalism and dedication you give to all your ventures.

The right divorce real estate expert will help you determine the best price for your house, prepare your property to attract the right buyers, and negotiate the best possible deal so you can step into the next phase of your life well-supported emotionally and financially.

And, during COVID-19, a savvy CDRE will treat you to the utmost care and concern for your wellbeing, giving you the option to meet virtually through Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, or your preferred online meeting site. If face-to-face is your preference, a good CDRE will meet you in person while adhering to the CDC’s strictest safety recommendations.

Learn more about how a CDRE can help with your divorce.

Generation X is carrying the weight of the world

If you’re a Gen Xer, you’ve faced so many of life’s pitfalls head-on. You may be caring for aging parents, still supporting your twenty-something kids, and defending your hard-won place at the management table—all while facing a mid-life divorce. You’re bearing burdens your parents never had to face, and you’re tired.

But you know that if you let go of the reins, even for a second, someone will do you wrong. You need to partner with someone who understands why you prefer a hands-on approach; someone who is willing to guide you skillfully through your divorce real estate transaction without letting you step off the path that will lead you to the best results.

For you, the right Certified Divorce Real Estate expert will not only use a healthy dose of humor to lighten the emotional load you’re carrying, but they’ll help mediate any contention that exists between you and your spouse, guiding you both toward the best possible sale price on your most valuable physical asset: your house.

Meet the CDRE who can help you navigate your divorce real estate transaction.

Millennials’ personal goals matter

If you’re a Millennial, you’re busy building a world-class career and possibly raising a family. You don’t have time for the old clunky, archaic real estate transactions of the past—you need an agent who embraces the new and now!

The right CDRE for you will be available nearly 24/7 by phone, text or email. They’ll give you access to tons of research data—including statistics and articles you can use to educate yourself on the various aspects of the residential buying and selling process—and they’ll be knowledgeable, with the ability to provide you with quick answers to your most pressing questions.

The right agent will also become your friend. They’ll be confident and friendly, but most importantly, they’ll LISTEN. They’ll care about you and the dreams you’re working to achieve. They won’t downplay your opinions with flippant comments like, “That’s just a cosmetic item.” The right CDRE knows you’re busy and knows you want to spend your time on things that matter—things that push you forward—not trivial projects that take you away from your most important tasks. When you’re selling your house during a divorce, the right CDRE will manage the entire home prep project from start to finish, so you never have to lift a finger.

Learn more about divorce real estate transactions.

Regardless of who you are

The right Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert will get to know you and will understand what you hope to achieve. She’ll be a partner that guides you on the path toward the next phase of your life, helping you to dodge incoming problems and sidestep pitfalls that your divorce attorney might not know to look for.

And if you need someone who can go the extra mile for you, the Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert can even serve as an expert witness in court.

If you’re ready to move on after sheltering in place with someone you’re about to divorce, get the expert help you deserve.




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