Why Is My Home’s Divorce Appraisal So Different From The Mortgage Appraisal?
If you’re the spouse who’s going to keep the home after a divorce, you may receive two very different home appraisal values before you close the book on this chapter of your life. There’s a good reason why the values are different, so before your red flags go up, let’s discuss what’s really going on. […]
Home Mortgages: What is Qualified Income?
When it comes to buying your next home—or buying out your spouse’s half of your current home during a divorce—there are certain income types that most Bay Area mortgage banks use to determine whether you’ll qualify. Obviously, they’ll accept income from your day job if it’s enough to cover the cost of owning the home, […]
How Escrow Credits Can Help You and Your Spouse Pay for Pre-Sale Repairs on Your Home
We all grow up on similar myths: find the love of your life, ride home to your castle, and live happily ever after. However, like all myths, this rarely translates perfectly to real life. In Silicon Valley, work has become many people’s primary marriage, so after awhile, your proverbial castle could be in a state […]
Your Spouse May Have Signed Over the Deed But You Still Don’t Own the House
It’s sad when marriages end, but for many people, it’s an unavoidable fact of life. If you and your spouse are among those who have decided to call it quits, make sure you both take steps to navigate the dissolution of your relationship responsibly and with minimal impact to your financial health. If you have children with […]
Organizing Marital Debt in a Real Estate Divorce
“Marital debt must be addressed early to clarify which obligations will be the responsibility of each party. Then steps must be taken with creditors to transfer all debt liability to the responsible party.” – DENISE FONTYN, CDLP, with the Divorce Real Estate Institute, Inc. Recently, we talked about the 6/36 Rule and how it affects a divorcing spouse’s […]

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