The Impact of the Russian Invasion of Ukraine on U.S. Real Estate
(A guest post from the Ilumni Institute) If you’re wondering how the Russian invasion of Ukraine has impacted—and could still impact—the U.S. housing market and your clients who have to make decisions about real estate in this climate, here’s what you need to know: Surge in Oil Impacts Housing: Because Russia is a major producer […]
iBuyers and Divorce: What Divorce Attorneys Need to Know
(A guest post from the Ilumni Institute) There’s a growing trend in real estate called iBuying, and divorcing homeowners have become prime targets. If you haven’t already heard of it, you will soon enough! This post will provide you with the insights you’ll need to weigh the pros and cons of letting your client sell […]
Resolving Real Estate Disputes Before They Start
As a California divorce attorney, you know a lot is going on in your clients’ lives as they move through the process of divorce. In addition to the normal stressors of modern life, they’re facing the pressures of losing partners who promised to stay with them through thick and thin and potentially losing the home […]
To Repair or Not to Repair: What Divorce Real Estate Clients Need to Know
(A guest post from the Ilumni Institute.) It happens all the time. One party in a divorce may not be ready to list the marital property because they know there are repairs needed. This concern could delay the sale or cause major financial challenges. Before you have clients convinced they can’t move forward, keep in […]
Zillow’s Fall From Grace: What it Means for Family Law
(A guest post from the Ilumni Institute.) On Tuesday, November 2, Zillow sent shock waves across the real estate industry when it announced its plans to sunset its massive home buying operation, Zillow Offers, and lay off 25% of its workforce. This announcement caused its stock to plunge nearly 30% (so far) after reporting a […]

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