Cautious Optimism: Navigating the 2024 Real Estate Market Amidst Dropping Interest Rates and Rising Home Prices
As we enter the new year, January brings a sense of hope and anticipation for what lies ahead. For those in the real estate market, this optimism is accompanied by carefully observing the trends and shifts that may shape the industry in 2024. As a licensed real estate agent in California with over 19 years […]
Unlocking Real Estate Expertise in Divorce Cases: A Holiday Gift for Attorneys
As we approach the close of another year, the holiday season prompts reflection on the milestones achieved and the challenges faced. For attorneys specializing in family law, the complexities of divorce cases often require a multidisciplinary approach to safeguard their clients' interests fully. This is where a Certified Divorce Real Estate Expert (CDRE) like myself […]
Understanding Listings with Right of First Refusal
In a dynamic market, assessing property value can pose challenges. When appraisals differ, and parties struggle to agree on a valuation for property division, a viable approach is to consider listing the property for sale. This method allows the determination of value based on what a ready, willing, and able buyer would pay in the […]
Strategies to Mitigate Breach of Contract When Selling the House
Divorcing litigants face many liabilities when they sell the house. Generally, in every real estate transaction, the owners enter into two contracts: 1) A listing agreement with the brokerage and 2) a purchase agreement with the buyers. Each contract comes with terms and timelines that could cause your client potential problems. 4 Common Issues: Disclosures: […]
Property Condition and Listing “As-Is”
It’s a common temptation for divorcing couples to list their homes “as is,” regardless of the property condition. While it may seem like a convenient option, it’s essential to understand the potential consequences, which could lead to tens of thousands of dollars (or more) in lost equity. Why is this important to consider: A property […]
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