Month: March 2019

Preparing for a Divorce Sale: Appraising Property
Property values can vary widely, especially in the Bay Area. To appraise your divorcing client’s home accurately, it’s helpful to know the difference between an appraisal, a CMA, and Zillow’s Zestimate value tool. Here’s an overview of appraisal types, plus a few tips to keep in mind: Appraisal: Performed by a certified appraiser, this official evaluation […]
Real Property Division: Calculating Equity
Clients often ask for a Fair Market Valuation to establish their property’s value and calculate the equity they’ve built in their homes. They don’t seem to realize that fair market value is only part of the picture. Without considering several additional key metrics, a miscalculation of true equity is almost guaranteed. Here’s what to look for when […]
Don’t Forget the Quitclaim
Your client’s final divorce decree does not completely close the books on the disposition of his or her real property. To finalize the sale or transfer of property, you must follow through with an official recording of legal ownership by filing a Quitclaim Deed. Neglecting this final step can cause significant problems for your client down […]
The Impact of Interest Rates on a Divorce Buyout
In 2018, the market saw interest rates rise by 3/4 to 1% on traditional, conventional, fixed-rate mortgages. This doesn’t seem like much at first glance, but this small difference can critically impact a divorcing client’s debt-to-income ratio and, ultimately, determine whether or not they’ll be able to keep their home. Let’s look at the numbers: […]
How to Handle “As-Is” Clauses in Divorce Listing Orders
An “as is” clause stipulating that a property will be sold without repairs can, in some cases, create problems during the sale of a house. Despite the fact that many divorcing homeowners have limited financial resources and want nothing to do with repair bills for a property they won’t live in, it behooves the divorcing […]

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